The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) recently abdicated its responsibility to act in the public interest by concluding that a 964-mile, 70-year-old pipeline carrying hazardous liquids would have no significant environmental impact.

Agency officials indicated they plan to give the go-ahead to Kinder Morgan to re-purpose the existing 70-year-old Tennessee Gas Pipeline from natural gas to hazardous liquids in a draft Environmental Assessment (EA). The line runs from northeast Ohio through Kentucky to the Gulf Coast.

In not requiring a more comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement, FERC officials are ignoring the very real probability of contamination of soil and water from pipeline leaks; ignoring very real public safety risks from the pipeline that runs near schools, homes and public places; ignoring the very real potential for toxic air that could lead to asphyxiation and explosions.

The public has until December 2 to offer comments on the draft EA and make another push for FERC to act on behalf of the communities along the pipeline’s path.

Please send a comment to FERC making the points listed below.

Read letter from Tennessee Riverkeeper to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Please send your comments by December 2, 2016


Main Point: FERC should develop a full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that includes a thorough review of both the environmental effects of the abandonment of the current natural gas use of the pipeline and the subsequent use of the pipeline for transporting NGLs. Without FERC’s approval, the pipeline could not be re-purposed and none of the potential adverse effects could occur.


There are three ways to submit your comments to FERC:

  1.  by mail to Kimberly Bose, Secretary, FERC, 888 First Street NE, Room 1A, Washington DC 20426;
  2. by e-filing at under the link “Documents and Filings”, and
  3. by e-comment at that same website (e-comment is for brief, text-only comments). The Docket No. is CP15-88-000 (include it on your comments).


Please send your comments by December 2, 2016

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