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The environmental protection group Tennessee Riverkeeper plans on suing Town Creek for violations of the Clean Water Act.

WAAY 31 went to Town Creek to find out if people who live there even knew about the problem.

Brandon Tode of Town Creek didn’t know about the violations, but when he found out, “I was very nervous about it. My family currently drinks bottled water most of the time,” said Tode.

Tode’s family drinks bottled water because of other water contamination concerns upstream that impact the drinking water.

In total, Tennessee Riverkeeper claims they found 331 one Clean Water Act violations by the Town Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant between April 2014 and December 2017.

They also claim to have found 36 sewage overflows that ended up in the Tennessee River during that same time.

They claim they found that data from information the plant self reported to the Alabama Department of Environmental Management.

“I think most everyone knows sewage is unsanitary. It’s a threat to public health, but it’s also a threat to our pets who swim in the creeks, especially in warm weather months and it’s a threat to the fish and other wildlife,” said Tennessee Riverkeeper Founder David Whiteside.

The attorney representing Town Creek told WAAY 31 they are currently going over their own records to see if they match up with the claims made by Tennessee Riverkeeper.

The city will consider their options after that.

Tode likes the city taking the time to double check the information, but it still won’t change how his family drinks water.

“We will probably continue drinking the bottled water,” said Tode.

Tennessee Riverkeeper plans on offically filing the lawsuit against Town Creek within 60 days.

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