Enforcement and Litigation

Enforcement and Litigation

Tennessee Riverkeeper enforces environmental laws in order to protect the Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers by challenging the illegal activities of polluters.

Comments and Letters

Tennessee Riverkeeper also battles pollution by commenting on Clean Water Act permits and proposed environmental regulations. By advocating for stronger permits and stricter laws and enforcement, Tennessee Riverkeeper can help reduce pollution before it becomes an illegal violation.

Program IDFacility NameProblemDate NOISNo of ViolationsDate Suit FiledResolution
TN0021211Signal Mountain STP, Hamilton Co WWTAPermit violations, overflows, bypass6/30/201810/2/2018
ALR0066974Drury South, Drury SWStyrofoam blown from construction site6/8/2018
TN0021687Pulaski, TN STPPermit violations5/4/20188/16/2018
AL0066974Town Creek WWTPPermit violations3/30/18
TN0060020West Knox, Beaver Creek STPPermit violations12/29/2017
TN0058181Loudon STPPermit violations10/31/17
TN0020736Ashland City STPPermit violations and overflows9/15/20171842/23/18
TNR056650Southern Recycling, LLCPermit noncompliance, nonpermitted discharge7/12/2017Came into compliance.
TN0024155Oak Ridge STPSewage overflows4/27/20172519/10/18
AL0024180Muscle Shoals WWTPSSOs1/31/201719Came into compliance.
AL0057100Tuscumbia WWTPSSOs1/31/201713Came into compliance.
AL0070661Town of Gurley WWTPNPDES permit violations - discharge limitations10/28/2016744
AL0031372Scottsboro Southside WWTPNPDES discharge violations & SSO6/10/201650AL Aty Gen filed suit 8/5/2016
TN0061841Cornersville STPNPDES permit violations - discharge limitations12/30/20153946EPA has brought action.
3MPFC contamination, RCRA violations9/19/20156/23/2016
AL0021351Stevenson Wastewater LagoonNPDES discharge violations & SSO7/2/2015779AL Aty Gen filed suit 7/29/2015.
TN0061271Paris Sewage Treatment PlantNPDES permit violations - discharge limitations3/18/2015588
TN0025470City of NiotaNPDES permit violations - discharge limitations12/23/2014625TDEC Consent order 12/08/2014
TN0064670Chapel HillNPDES permit violations - discharge limitations12/10/2014551TDEC Consent order 10/16/2015
AL0047562Ider Housing Project WWTPNPDES permit violations - discharge limitations10/10/20141612AL Aty Gen filed suit 12/03/2014.
AL0048402Crossville Health Care WWTPNPDES permit violations - discharge limitations8/28/20141437AL Aty Gen filed suit 10/10/2014.
TN0020885Oliver Springs Sewage Treatment PlantNPDES permit violations - discharge limitations12/2/20131088TDEC order 6/30/14.
TN0025020Madisonville Sewage Treatment PlantNPDES permit violations - discharge limitations10/10/20133243TDEC order 6/23/14.
TN0054585Jasper Sewage Treatment PlantNPDES permit violations - discharge limitations7/9/20131987
AL000337Awesome PropertiesNPDES permit violations - discharge limitations4/29/20131167Violations have ceased.
xxxxxxxxxOld Florence LFleachate from old landfill2/19/20135/9/2013Consent Decree
TN0003573Carlex GlassNPDES permit violations - discharge limitations2/12/20131098New permit issued
AL003867Colbert Fossil Plantdischarges from coal ash storage ponds.1/31/20131825
TN0021971Carlisle Tire & WheelNPDES permit violations - discharge limitations11/16/2012838
AL0069591North County WWTPMuni WWTP discharge9/7/2012318ADEM Consent Order on 3/14/13.
AL0060526Woodville WWTPNPDES permit violations - discharge limitations8/2/20126702AL Aty Gen filed suit.
AL0056057Henagar Industrial Park WWTPMuni WWTP discharge7/23/20122876ADEM Consent Order on 11/8/12.
IU082500417Koch FarmsCopper discharges, other NOIS violations7/23/20122242ADEM Consent Order on 11/8/12.
IU82500213Wright's HosieryColor violations7/23/2012155Violations have ceased.
AL0023329Ardmore WWTPNPDES permit violations - discharge limitations2/14/201220244/20/2012AL Aty Gen filed suit 4/11/2012.
AL0049719Gunters Landing LagoonNPDES permit violations - discharge limitations7/28/201110779/29/2011Consent Decree.
AL0056626Arab Gilliam Creek WWTPNPDES permit violations - discharge limitations11/5/2010700AL Aty Gen filed suit 1/5/2011.
AL0078280Meredyth Minedischarge from surface coal mine10/9/2010205212/17/2010case dismissed as moot.



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