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As we target each sub-watershed our staff Riverkeeper and prosecuting attorney review the Clean Water Act permits for “point source” industrial dischargers. The Tennessee Riverkeeper also addresses other issues that arise and responds to citizen complaints. The Riverkeeper fields complaints in person, via telephone, and on our online pollution report form.


In addition to monitoring the discharge monitoring reports found within these pollution permits, the Tennessee Riverkeeper uses emerging technology to investigate “at the pipe” discharge problems which may have evaded self-monitoring. We look for and address industrial discharges as we patrol on the water, on the ground, and from the air. We utilize aerial surveillance. SouthWings, Inc., a non-profit organization, and their volunteer air-force have agreed to provide pro-bono flight support.

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Clean water, stronger communities. Tennessee Riverkeeper monitors polluters and their pollution permits, responds to citizen complaints, and utilizes other methods to further protect the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers and their tributaries. When we discover illegal pollution we seek compliance with and enforcement of environmental laws.

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Tennessee Riverkeeper’s mission is simple, to protect and preserve the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers and their tributaries.

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If you see pollution in the river, don’t let it go unreported. The public is encouraged to report pollution observed in the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers and watersheds.

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