A top priority campaign for Tennessee Riverkeeper is to systematically investigate sewage from wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) in the Tennessee River basin. We are aware that there are many significant sewage problems in the watershed.


We have developed a database of all WWTPs and known problems in the watershed, which is a major first step in addressing sewage violations. We have reviewed all wastewater NPDES permit holders’ public documents for self-reported violations (DMRs), inspections by the state or EPA, and enforcement actions. When problem dischargers are found, the Riverkeeper and its legal team develops a plan of addressing the problems. If litigation is required, we develop and implement a litigation strategy.


We have, so far, addressed over 30,720 Clean Water Act violations at the following WWTPs by filing a notice of intent to sue and, where required, following up with a lawsuit. We are now seeing a significant reduction in violations at WWTPs in Alabama and Tennessee which means less sewage is being released into the Tennessee River and its tributaries!

Program ID FacilityName Date No of Violations
TN0061841 Cornersville STP 12/30/2015 3946
AL0021351 Stevenson Wastewater Lagoon 7/2/2015 779
TN0061271 Paris Sewage Treatment Plant 3/18/2015 588
TN0025470 City of Niota 12/23/2014 625
TN0064670 Chapel Hill 12/10/2014 551
AL0047562 Ider Housing Project WWTP 10/10/2014 1612
AL0048402 Crossville Health Care WWTP 8/28/2014 1437
TN0020885 Oliver Springs Sewage Treatment Plant 12/2/2013 1088
TN0025020 Madisonville Sewage Treatment Plant 10/10/2013 3243
TN0054585 Jasper Sewage Treatment Plant 7/9/2013 1987
AL000337 Awesome Properties 4/29/2013 1167
AL0069591 North County WWTP 9/7/2012 318
AL0060526 Woodville WWTP 8/2/2012 6702
AL0056057 Henagar Industrial Park WWTP 7/23/2012 2876
AL0023329 Ardmore WWTP 2/14/2012 2024
AL0049719 Gunters Landing Lagoon 7/28/2011 1077
AL0056626 Arab Gilliam Creek WWTP 11/5/2010 700


While we have seen a reduction in violations, we are well aware that our mission is not yet accomplished. We are still finding problem facilities and discharge violations and, so, we will continue to monitor sewage dischargers and continue to address the problems we find.

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