Species Endangered and Threatened

  • Species Endangered and Threatened

    Portfolio Date January 7, 2016
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About a dozen fish species are federally listed as endangered or threatened and about 65 other species are listed under management categories used by the states. About 30 mussels have been extirpated from the Tennessee River system, of which about a third are considered to be globally extinct. Twenty-eight mussels are under federal protection, and 56 mussels are listed by the states in the watershed. The Tennessee River system also claims two crustaceans and four snails under federal protection. The Tennessee River Basin contains many endangered species. There are endangered fish species, including the Alabama cavefish (Speoplatyihimus poulsoni), Palezone shiner (Notropis albizonatus), Snail darter (Percina tanasi), and the Spotfin chub (Cyprinella monacha). Endangered mussel species include Oyster mussel (Epioblasma capsaeformis), Cumberland monkeyface (Quadrula intermedia), and Dromedary pearlymussel (Dromus dromas). There is also one endangered snail species, Anthony’s Riversnail (Athearnia anthonyi). There are four endangered flowers: Green Pitcher Plant, Harperella, Morefield’s Leather Flower, and Mountain Skullcap. There are two endangered terrestrial species: Red-cockaded Woodpecker and the Gray / Indiana Bat. The largest populations of nesting Bald Eagle and Gray Bat are in the Tennessee River Basin.

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